your dreams, my mission.

Behind the person

mentor, challenger, MIND DISRUPTOR.

The client is at the very centre and can experience himself and life obstacles on his own. By providing an external answer no growth happens, by posing questions and challenges the person is able to go through the hard work of rediscovering her truth from within. The objective of the mentor is to make people familiar with what they hold inside, what limits them and what empowers them.

Karim Saleh is a personal and business strategy advisor offering consulting services for individuals seeking to reach their highest potential.


Autonomy – Life n’ Business Strategies is an evolutionary training method developed by Karim Saleh to accompany the person in the rediscovery of the own conscience and guide him or her in becoming creator of the own reality.


How do you know the real sun is shining and the blue atmosphere is the sky?

How do you know you are in line with yourself?

Who in you wants what you think you want? You, your mind, your soul, your fears?

There are two kinds of truth:

the one that we hold deep down and that represents who we are, where we are going and why.

And the one we need to believe in.

In the end the universe always leaves us free choice of which to live.
And in the end we will be right.

We solve other people’s problems to solve our own. Having problems today means having solutions tomorrow.


Understand then, that in reality the Universe does not forget what you have asked for. But before donating that gift to you. It is waiting for you to make room to receive it. Whether it is as big as a star or as small as a cup of coffee.

The only way to succeed is to fail (many times). Success is the sum of failures + 1.