Bridging among solid roots in traditions and history in synergy with groundbreaking innovations and future-oriented perspectives.

Born in Italy and now based internationally, Karim Saleh collected over a decade of experience in personal coaching, through A DIVERSE VARIETY OF projects.

authonomy method

Autonomy – Life n’ Business Strategies is an evolutionary training method developed by Karim Saleh to accompany the person in the rediscovery of the own conscience and guide him or her in becoming creator of the own reality.

This method is not for everyone, but for those who feel ready to abandon all certainties, willing to question themselves day by day and not be afraid to suffer. One will be supported throughout self-analysis and challenged to accept his vulnerability as part of the greatness of his full potential.

The ultimate prize? The freedom to know and truly experience themselves in all its possibilities. It is an intense journey that is worth undertaking because it hands down the infinite alchemical power that lies behind every single daily choice.

The method is completely personalized, tailored to one’s specific wounds through the depths of empathy.

The only constant is an approach of unconditional love, not bothering to accommodate but only serving the person, and the evolution of the soul.

Only by taking full responsibility for who we really are can we actually design the life we desire.

In autonomy and interconnection, we grow through every emotion, using every wound as a gateway for transformation.

Lead with feeling and don’t be guided by feelings” _ Karim Saleh