“The Autonomy method is the tool that the founder Karim Saleh uses to awaken the consciousness of the souls he meets, from the deep sleep in which they find themselves.

Waking up for me was, and still is, a painful, at times tearing passage that led me to reevaluate my whole life and my way of life in various respects.

I thought I knew love, I thought I knew what it was like to be in love with someone, but I was wrong, or rather my perception of love was limited to my way of experiencing it at the time.

Time passed and I felt myself changing, I was opening up, I was finally trying to get out of the cage that I had built for myself in order not to feel myself, my feelings, my emotions, and others.

The process, the method, is also this, Karim recognizes and has opened every single wound I had, allowing me to expand my pain threshold to levels that I would not have even imagined, allowing me to become ever stronger and more determined in my path, opening myself eyes on where I was limiting myself and was limiting my life, and then helping me heal each wound with immeasurable love.

Because it is worthwhile that everyone can know and pass on the infinite power of transformation and creation that unconditional love has. Everyone, or rather those who really have the will to start a journey of this type, at the cost of going through the pains of their own inner hell in order to be reborn again, and repeat this process n. times, until you reach your purest essence.

Karim is the person who offered me the opportunity to take this journey, and who gave me himself, selflessly, so that I could access this test of life. He dedicated years of his life to awakening people, and I was able to witness firsthand how he puts himself at the total service of what the other needs, with total absence of judgment and ego, giving love, rejection, caresses , or reproaches, only and only for the most evolutionary purpose for the other.”

“Taking this journey with him is like touching water with one hand, fire with the other and experiencing the struggle and alchemical symbiosis of the elements within oneself. I felt my death and my rebirth practically every day. Getting lost and finding yourself in every second and demonstrating that in every moment reality can change from top to bottom.

Karim is like an infinite spiral, every time you go back from one point you look around and everything is different, everything you thought you wanted and to be, everything they taught you, everything that made up reality as you knew it.

It goes to the roots, in no uncertain terms, it gets to your guts.

He brings truth and brings you to your truth, everything else is razed to zero. He is here to show us what we are, what we think we are and what we think others think of us, according to the usefulness. He points out to us everything that has always seemed trivial but that we have never really applied. He shows us the limits of our reality to take us further and become creators of our reality.

He brings the purest form of love, in which he puts the good of the other before himself even when he hurts even when it is difficult, using the sweetness of a child or the harshness of a general. A talent coach. He sees and hears everything we have inside. He works with questions so he doesn’t push or drag anyone but always finds ways to support the person in self-analysis and make the person come to see with his eyes what limits him and what supports him.

With him I experienced what I repressed in my whole life before. I learned to feel safe in total insecurity and discomfort.

The experience of the journey with him is for me an endless training to question everything in which one believes, to dismantle the ego and the pre-set patterns of the mind, to accept one’s weaknesses as well as the greatness of one’s potential, to choose with courage at every awakening to do what we really feel and why we are on Earth.”

A mentor, a challenger, A MIND DISRUPTOR.

He gently entered my life respecting my times and I immediately felt welcomed and not judged.

He knows how to empathize lovingly, he uses my language, my codes because he knows me and knows what I need. He lets me express myself freely, helping me not to judge myself.


He is an expression of that powerful love, the one that, even if it is not supported by anyone, goes on undaunted to help those who ask him. He helps with unconditional love, sometimes receiving nothing in return or even receiving only hate, but he goes on just the same.

He doesn’t think of himself when he is giving the requested help, he thinks of the other.”

A mentor, a challenger, A MIND DISRUPTOR.